Facebook and September 2015 Releases


Hello fellow Bookworms!

I have a few announcements!

First off, I have created a Facebook page for the blog. You can find the page by ether clicking here or by following the info in the About section! I felt that it was high time to create a page, if only to keep readers updated on new posts and news. Go and like the Facebook page and, while you’re at it, the Instagram and Twitter accounts (sorry for the shameless plug).

Second, in book-related news, I have decided to add a bi-monthly “Upcoming Releases” news update to the blog roster. I will make the updates on the first and fifteenth day of every month, detailing the most eagerly-awaited books to be released in the following two-week period. I’ll keep a calendar so you don’t have to! The first post will be made available tomorrow since I made the decision just made the decision a few moments ago. Following that, however, each post can be found on the aforementioned dates.

Third, I also want to introduce a new monthly “Book versus Movie” feature. So many books have been adapted into film and I know I have often thought “I loved the book, is the movie any good?” OR “That movie was great! I wonder if the book really is better.” There is a lot of hesitation there (at least, there is for me). I want to start helping others by writing one post a month (to start) comparing a book and the movie its movie adaptation. I will go ahead and warn you that these will have some spoilers because it is geared toward readers who have already read the book (or watched the movie) and want to know how the opposing medium fares. I have not picked a date for these posts but I’m leaning toward the end of the month.

Fourth and finally, for those of you who are unaware or missed my earlier post on the subject, Banned Book Week 2015 starts at the end of this month (September 27th – October 3) and I will be running a week-long special. Each day I will post a particular favorite Banned Book and write a quick discussion of the book, my personal feelings, and where the book fits into the literary and non-literary world. If you are unfamiliar with Banned Book Week or are interested to learn about what constitutes a Banned Book, stay tuned for my Banned Book Week 2015 feature OR visit the Banned Books Week Organization.

That’s all for the announcements today! What do you think?

As ever, happy reading!

x Book Wench

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