About The Book Wench

Updated May 13, 2021:

Hello my fellow bookworms! I am The Book Wench (you may call me Taylor or Wench, so long as you mean it favorably).

Just a few things about myself. I’m 31, I love my husband, cats, books, video games, writing, and helicopters. I have been reading books for longer than I can remember. The first book I remember reading (and I’m counting only chapter-books here) was the first Nancy Drew book, Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old Clock. It was from a set my mother bought me that contained the first six Nancy Drew books. My mother wanted so badly for me to be a reader like her. Thankfully, it worked and since then I have read hundreds and hundreds of books.

I am a proud Harry Potter Fan and Ravenclaw! I have my Bachelor of Arts degree in English writing and publication and hope one day to become an author myself. In the meantime, I’ll pursue my passion for reading. I just started down the path toward my Masters in English Literature in January 2021.

There are still thousands upon thousands more books that I want to read, and I add more to the list every day. That’s where this blog comes in.

The Book Wench blog is dedicated to bringing readers book reviews of a number of different books as well as up-to-date (or as up-to-date as possible) information about your favorite books and authors.

I wanted to share my love of reading with the world. I hope you enjoy the ride along!

Happy reading!


Authors/Publishers: If you would like to have me or my co-blogger conduct a fair and honest book review on our blog, please visit the Review Policy tab! 

For additional Book Wench updates and fun, please check out my Instagram and Twitter account @The_Book_Wench


20 thoughts on “About The Book Wench

  1. Thanks for following The Write Edge! When you open book submissions again, I’d love to offer you the opportunity to review any of the books in Stories in Pairs.

    I hope you find The Write Edge interesting and informative. Have a great day!


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