Long time, no write

Hey guys. Hope there are still some people out there. It's been over two years since I last updated. I've gone through a lot of mental and emotional ups and downs and for my disappearance I apologize. I think about the blog all the time and I really want to get back to it, but… Continue reading Long time, no write


A Harry Potter 12 Days of Christmas

Today, while other people worked to discover the cure for cancer, made plans to colonize the moon, and helped orphans in Siberia….I came up with my own lyrics to A Harry Potter 12 Days of Christmas. You’re welcome, World. I’ll be on the lookout for my Nobel Peace Prize, thanks.   1: A cloak of… Continue reading A Harry Potter 12 Days of Christmas

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Reading Log Comparison

This isn't an actual product review (as this was of my own volition and items were purchased with my personal money — i.e., no companies are involved or are aware of my intent to review). I ordered a reading log a few weeks ago to get ready for the coming new year (I have big… Continue reading Reading Log Comparison


A quick visit

Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing well. As always I am so sorry for my absence. Things have been rather hectic on my end and I appreciate your patience! I wanted to give a heads up that I will officially be back in blogging business in several weeks, on July 12. I'm working on getting… Continue reading A quick visit


A Change in Reviews

Hello friends and fellow bookworms! I hope everyone is doing well. I have a small announcement to make in terms of how reviews will be presented from now on on the blog. I have always had a hard time assigning ratings and stars to books I read, whether out of five stars or ten. While it's… Continue reading A Change in Reviews


Many Apologies

Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing well and that you've all found some amazing books to read. I just wanted to pop in to apologize for my sudden disappearance after fairly frequent postings. I know I have missed some regular posts, like my "Upcoming Releases" and the 'Top 5 Wednesday" posts. Without going into… Continue reading Many Apologies

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The Birthday Book Mystery

Hello friends and fellow bookworms! This is a bit of a random post sparked by a random encounter during one of my random nightly visits to Barnes and Noble. I went after work to do a little research for a Beauty and the Beast-themed post I am planning. While I was at the customer service… Continue reading The Birthday Book Mystery