Review Policy

**Note- Thank you so much for visiting The Book Wench! We are currently not able to accept any more review requests until further notice. We have been extremely luck and have received many review requests and would like to give each author our undivided attention. Please keep us in mind though! We will update this page and our Facebook page when we are open to new requests again! Thank you for understanding! xTheBookWench and ThePageMaiden**

Authors, Agents, and Publishers: Welcome to The Book Wench Blog! Please, if you have any books that you would like us to give a fair and honest review on, please email us at with the subject line “Book Review Request” on it, so we can be sure it doesn’t get filtered out. Please note the two lists below in reference to which genres we are eager and not-so-eager to review!
A “fair and honest” review means that we will not accept bribery of any sort in regards to what rating we give your book nor will we change something in our review if you ask, unless of course if it is afactual  or spelling mistake! We respect our readers/followers and you as an author and therefore wish to present our review with the utmost respect and truthfulness. Thank you for your understanding!

The Book Wench

Book genres that I will review: Fiction, Literary Fiction, Memoir, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Thrillers (to a degree), Horror (also to a degree), Biography, Humor, Television- or game-based, Dystopia, Crime, Paranormal, Chick Lit, Non-Fiction (on occasion), and Young Adult.

Books I will not review (except in very special cases): Erotica, Poetry, Children (i.e., children below the age of five), books deemed “Inspirational,”  Westerns, Politics, Religious, Reference, and How-To.

The Page Maiden

Book genres that I will review: Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Fantasy, Romance (not Harlequin), Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biographies

Books I will not review: Sci-Fi, Religious, children’s books, Westerns


If a genre is not mentioned above in either section, it is because we have not yet considered it for either section and we may be willing to read books in the genre, provided that the synopsis really catches our attention. If anyone can make a fair case on any book in a genre from our “will not read” lists, we encourage you to email us at and make your case on why we should read your book!