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Foodie Fiction Friday – Fayetteville Pie Company in Fayetteville, NC

Hi guys! A few weeks ago, while watching Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives no less, I thought “how can I combine my love of books and food in a way that makes sense for a book blog?” I wanted something that would interest not only foodies like myself but my bookworm followers. After thinking for a while I decided that I could do a monthly feature where I would post about an independent eating establishment (shop and eat local!) and since I often read when I eat out (just ask my husband) I could just include a bit about the book I read while there! A bit of a stretch, but hey, it makes for great photos and maybe I can get the word out about some amazing food!

Sit tight and prepare to be hungry!

My first entry for the Fiction Foodie Friday entry is a place that is pretty close to my stomach heart. In 2015, a little unassuming restaurant opened up with a small building and a big idea. Fayetteville Pie Company decided to find all the best recipes and make them into pies! From savory barbecue and Asian cuisine to butterscotch pumpkin pie and hot chocolate inspired dessert, the PayPieCo never runs out of amazing recipes to wow you.

To ensure they can handcraft enough fresh pies to feed all of Fayetteville on any given day, they offer about a mass amount of 3-4 sweet and savory pies a day. But never fear; even though the menu rotates often, you’re sure to see your favorite pies again. Or you could find a new favorite!

While the restaurant was on the small side to begin with, FayPieCo became so popular (rightly so) that they were able to move into a much larger location within two years. And that new location is gorgeous!

After their move, I went back to visit specifically for the Foodie Fiction Friday feature:

The Beef and Stout savory pie (right) and the Caramel Apple Pear Crisp sweet (left). Delicious!
Reading Winter while stuffing my face

I was also craving a bit of chocolate while I was reading so I shamelessly got another dessert.

The Tarte au Chocolat

While I ate, I read Winter by Marissa Mayer which is just so good! I have been trying to stretch it out so 1: I can review the first three books before I get COMPLETELY behind and 2: I just want to stay in this world forever!

The Beef and Stout was hardy and heavy (in a good way). It’s definitely something to eat on a cold winter’s day or if you’re feeling in need of some good ol’ comfort food. The Caramel Apple Pear Crisp was DIVINE. I love apple pie to begin with but the pear gave it a gorgeous flavor. I just wish I could have had more!! The Tarte au Chocolat was so rich and smooth!

The book and food were a wonderful highlight of my day. Guys, if you are in the North Carolina area, make the trip to FayPieCo. If you aren’t in the are, make the trip anyway (or visit when you can)!

Here are a few more photos from previous visits to the restaurant. More can be found on my Instagram, the FayPieCo Instagram, or their website and Facebook page.


My favorite savory pie: the Pulled Pork and Sweet Potato (on right). Paired with a sumptuous Chocolate Dulce de Leche pie (left).

Here’s a little bit of trivia: the owner, Leslie, is also an artist. It’s no wonder her creations are captivating to look at as well as delicious. More than once I have said something along the lines of “it’s just too pretty to eat!”

If you don’t believe me, look at some of the photos I have taken in the past!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have you ever eaten here before? If so, what did you have?

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