About The Page Maiden

Hey y’all! I’m The Page Maiden (aka Dawn or Maiden) and I’m the newest addition to The Book Wench 🙂 Like Taylor, I am also  huge bookworm and will be providing reviews and other book-related posts to the blog. I look forward to getting started 🙂

About Me: I’m 26 and love many things like books, movies, pasta, and colors.

I will also be accepting requests for fair and honest reviews so if you have any particular book in mind, please send them to thatbookwench@gmail.com with the subject line “Book Review Request” on it, so we can be sure it doesn’t get filtered out. That being said, there are certain genres that I have no interest in partaking.

Book genres that I will review: Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Fantasy, Romance (not Harlequin), Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biographies

Books I will not review: Sci-Fi, Religious, children’s books, Westerns

Like the Book Wench, if you email me with a good argument for a certain title, I may make an exception. I’m pretty chill and am always up to broaden my horizons!